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Who are you?
We are Rose Bush, a duo based in North Yorkshire. We are made up of Alice Rose Nicholson and Cornelia Papiez.

What is it you do?
We make music. Our current project is a concept album, and for this, we’ve also been working on paintings, videos, and other ideas to make our work a multi-sensory experience. 

How long have you been doing it?
We’ve been making music together for about three years. We founded Rose Bush after about a year of connecting artistically.

What inspires you?
We both have different influences, and inspire each other by sharing these. Alice is really into electro-pop and sounds with lots of distinct synths, layers and rhythms. Cornelia listens to a lot of prog, folk, and classical music. We listen to each others stuff, and we think you can hear the melding of our different inspirations in our sound.

Tell us about your work.
We’ve been working on our debut album, ‘Indigo’ for over a year now. It is mainly inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic, though we have used lots of dystopian material as references. We would describe the album as a psychedelic synth-rock opera. We almost see it as Pink Floyd meets Kraftwerk. We send each other ideas and have been recording separately. We both bring different ideas to the table. Alice naturally focuses on the more psychedelic sound elements, and Cornelia pursued the idea of a core melody being a recurring theme.

We have been co-producing the album. We want the listener to go on a sonic journey, experience emotions of fear and despair, but to find hope in the uncertainty and chaos surrounding them. We think at the core of the album, it’s the juxtaposition between hope and hopelessness that we are pursuing.

What have you got coming up in the future?
Our first single from the album, Where Do We Go From Here? is out on the 24th of September, we are finalising a video to go along with the release. We are currently rehearsing and preparing to play live later in the year.

Where can people find out more about you?
We’re pretty active on Facebook, it’s @therealrosebushes so come and give us a listen and a like! Our Twitter is @RoseBushMusic and our Instagram is @rosebushband.

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