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Who are you and where are you from?
My name is Charlotte Forman and I currently live in County Durham in a small town called Stanley. I’m originally from Essex but moved up north in 2017.

What is it you do?
I am a full-time singer songwriter. I perform covers around the North-East and have performed in various places around the North-West and down South as well.

How long have you been doing it?
I’ve been singing since i can remember, i have always loved to perform, when i was younger i was part of a theatre group and would always be singing the loudest as well as singing at various concerts at school and entering all the talent shows i could of! sometimes i would even do comedy at the talent shows which is an element i have kept in when people see me perform live, i love to make people laugh as well as wow them with my powerful vocals. i have grown up with music around me, my mum would be blasting Shirley Bassey and Madonna through the stereo whilst i was practising my guitar and occasionally thinking about boys! but at 16 i really started taking an interest in writing my own music discovering catchy lyrics and melodies but it was when i went to university studying popular music i found my voice and my style in the industry.

What inspires you?
I was inspired by artists like Adele, Ed Sheeran, Aretha Franklin and Dusty Springfield and that really reflected in my writing ability. Writing about personal feelings inspires my music, anything that i can connect to personally whether it be through myself or someone i know, my lyrics reflect how emotional i want a song to feel. I’ve always wanted to touch the listeners soul and capture something special in telling a story that my audience can connect to. Even when I perform my cover songs I will always connect with them on a personal level as if they’re my own songs that I am telling.

Tell us about your music.
My music has been described as soulful, powerful and emotional. I can write catchy upbeat songs that’ll have you singing along in the car but then I can write a catchy powerful ballad that’ll make you stop and listen and can also make you feel emotional if you can relate on a personal level. 

What have you got coming up in the future?
My new song Stale Smoke White Hair is being released on the 11th February and I am so excited for everyone to hear it, it’s my most personal song to date about the struggles of mental health and being so close to someone connected with suicide. I also aim to release another 3 or 4 songs this year so will be working very hard on those one of them is called Eternity which is about the relationship I have with my brother and the struggles we face with mental health and I hope to release a very poignant song called baby of mine which I am going to be working with a charity on releasing as its about child loss. But don’t worry, not all my songs are sad, I am working on some happy upbeat catchy tunes Aswell. I have at least two gigs every week so if anyone wants to see me sing live all they have to do is follow me on social media where you can see the venues I am performing at on those dates. 

Where can people find out more about you?
You can find more about me via my website and my social media platforms on Instagram, on Facebook and you can listen to my music on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer etc.

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