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Hartlepool-based solo artist LEHI drops his brand new single, Shut The Door. The song with its bright guitar notes, ambient synths and melodic vocals has an eighties John Hughes film flavour but with a contemporary gloss reminiscent of bands like 1975 and Harry Styles. 

Here, LEHI gives us his top five tracks that have inspired him…

Homebody – Valley
I discovered Valley back in 2016, and ever since they’ve been a huge inspiration to my music production. Homebody captures every element of what I love about Indie-Pop music, with beautifully layered acoustic guitars, carefully selected samples, and intricately produced vocals. They’re a band that is on my bucket list to see live if they ever come to the UK.

 Supercuts – Jeremy Zucker
Jeremy Zucker is an artist that I discovered back when I was in university. Supercuts is the perfect sing-along track for driving in your car on a summer night. I was lucky enough to see Jeremy last year in Manchester and he ended the main set with Supercuts, and there wasn’t a single person in the room that wasn’t jumping along to the final chorus.

You Get What You Give – New Radicals
I think this song is old enough now to call it a classic. You Get What You Give invokes nostalgia from my childhood and I can never skip it when it comes on shuffle. It’s a shame the New Radicals discography is limited to just one album, but maybe the “quality over quantity” adage fits here.

Look at the Sky – Porter Robinson
Over the past year, I’ve listened to Porter Robinson a lot, specifically his album, “Nurture”. Although it’s left-field of my typical music taste, Something Comforting felt familiar the first time I listened to it. I especially love the outro of the track, where the natural and pitch-shifted vocals alternate with each other, almost like there is a battle between characters or identities. I’ve watched the live version during late-night deep dives on YouTube, and it gives almost an ethereal feeling. I think this electronic style is something that I’ll be exploring more in my own future releases. 

Girls – The 1975
I don’t think I could really complete this list without putting The 1975 somewhere on here. I vividly remember listening to The 1975 for the first time back in 2013 after being introduced by a friend to “Girls”. I fell in love with the electric guitar tones and being in my formative years, it really transformed the way that I viewed music. I think this was really my gateway into indie-pop and they’re by far the band that I’ve seen live the most.

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