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Newcastle-based songwriter and producer Click Chase releases his heartfelt new single, Don’t Say Goodbye. 

The song, with its jingling rhythms, ethereal backing and Dylan-esque song is a reflection on loss and life’s ups and downs.

We’re pleased to be given an exclusive listen to the track. Here’s Andrew Armstrong (aka Click Chase) to tell us more…

“Don’t Say Goodbye is about loss and trying to reminisce about the good times and even the bad. It’s something that just had to be written so I could express myself and be able to get on record my thoughts and feelings about the subject. I like painting pictures with the sounds and the words etc. Very few people have heard this so far, but the handful of people who have heard it have hummed it after, which is a hell of a compliment. I got into the studio and started experimenting with sounds. I wanted to use instruments I don’t usually use as I am a cross-genre artist. I really think this song Don’t Say Goodbye could be defined as a sad but upbeat song – giving the message things are emotional now but they’re going to be alright and the memories will live on. That could be grandparents, parents, friends, associates, a partner or colleagues. The song features an orchestra, a harp and xylophone… to name a few, and when I was creating it I really let creativity take me anywhere, but I think the song is slightly influenced by Gotye, Bruno Major and Milky Chance.”

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