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Keddy Sowels is a singer-songwriter from Newcastle Upon Tyne who writes about society, relationships, social issues and mental health and is influenced by the likes of Sam Fender, Ren, Ed Sheeran and Catfish And The Bottlemen. His latest single Knives and Thieves is his third release this year and talks about being taken advantage of financially in the music industry. 

Here, Keddy tells us more about the inspiration behind his latest track…

I started writing Knives And Thieves after gigging in the music industry for around a year. I realised that a lot of the time you can get exploited financially, especially when you’re younger (17 for me) which isn’t detrimental as you probably don’t need to make a living for yourself at that age but as you get older it can become a problem, especially if you are pursuing music full time.

As this song is about the exploitation issue, you will find that some of the lyrics in this song talk about greed. When talking about greed, I’m talking about the people who have more power than you and use that power to exploit you on a daily basis, whether that’s: your boss, your company or people giving you work. It would be lovely if everyone got what they were worth – the same they put in, is the same they get back – so this song is a way of wanting that justice and highlighting the problems we still face around exploitation financially today.

Another topic that I cover in this song is self-doubt. In the lyrics, I sing about asking myself if I’m taking the right path. The music industry is a great industry most of the time and I love being part of it, but like all industries, it’s got its ups and downs. I find this industry can be unreliable to make a full-time living off (especially since music turned to streaming instead of physical copies), so you have to usually take many different paths in your music career as a way to make ends meet. An example of this could be wanting to become successful with your own original music – this being the main path you want to go down, but you also do cover gigs, session work or become a producer as well to continue doing music full time. All these paths are great in moulding you to become a better musician in general and it’s accepted that it’s just part of doing music full time which again, has its ups for sure and its downs at times. So yeah, that’s what the self-doubt lyrics are about in this song – questioning if you still want to or can do music full-time!


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