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An Introduction

Hello there dear reader. As this is the first of these weekly columns I’ve been tasked with writing, I thought this was perhaps best served as something of an introduction. Well, a one-sided one where I set up the fact I’m going to be blathering on and sharing thoughts for NARC once a week, because, you know, the world needs to hear the opinions of another white male, our platforms are just so few and far between…

That said, this seemed the perfect time to start this column, mainly as all my stand-up comedy pals are at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival so I’ve been at a bit of a loose end this week. These few words though, once every seven days will be a sharing of thoughts and little musings that I hope will serve to entertain. Though once I lapse into feeling too comfortable and over sharing, it will probably quite nicely document the odd unravelling of the human mind.

First one n’ that, so let’s start strong. Or at least, you know, set up an achievable standard I can keep to and make you fully aware that these are going to be all like this. I get easily distracted, and it’s up to me what I write about, so this will often descend into a diatribe about the last thing I saw, heard or read. There’s been a few good jumping off points, but this week has been a rather weird one, so I’m saving some of those for future articles when I’ve built up a bit of trust.

I guess for a first article though, I’ll establish some credentials. So, things about me you should know…

I’m Simon.

I’m 34.

I’m bloody class at tearing paper and I’ve made up songs for every Metro station within Tyne and Wear.

Well, that’s my North East cultural commentator credentials well and truly established. I’ve written for NARC for years, it’s thrown up some of my favourite moments. (Top 3. Interviewing and reviewing The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. Reviewing a sold-out Jamie T gig. How drunk I get at NARC Fest and that time I started a conga line in Ernest after.)

Oh, and one time, I tried impressing a lady in the Head Of Steam by casually picking up a copy of NARC and showing off that I had reviews in there, and it turned out she’d been featured on the anniversary cover the month before, so I popped my tail firmly between my legs.

And that’s my journalistic talents cemented too.

In future ones of these, fully expect lengthy chats on music, writing, culture, politics and probably Peter Beardsley. Say what you like, but until you’ve had an editing note from Buzzfeed that says, “stop mentioning Peter Beardsley in EVERY article” you’ve not lived. But for now, this is just a hello. I mean, you don’t see the whale in the first chapter of Moby Dick, or the actual wire in The Wire, and don’t even get me started on Elephant Man not being the super hero film I hoped it was going to be.

Cinema. Credentials. Established.

Right, I’ll leave it there, I’m doing Kids Comedy Club at The Stand on Sunday and need to buy some tin foil so I can pretend to be a robot.

You can find me on Facebook here, and on Twitter here.

In real life I’m at Kids Comedy Club Sunday 12th August and Saturday 18th August I’m hosting a Q&A with film director Abi Lewis at Tyneside Cinema, where we’re viewing and discussing the already lauded film about Newcastle legend Keith Crombie, the Geordie Jazz Man, more info here. Oh, and I was a writer for the debut episode of Grin Up North on BBC Radio Newcastle. You can listen to that here.

I’ll leave you with the song I’ve listened to most this week too.

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