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I’m a stand-up comedian, writer, podcaster and utter divvy. I was NARC. Web Editor for a few years and a massive, massive fan of this feature in the magazine. I’m doing a show called Get Lush at The Stand on Monday 3rd February and you should definitely get tickets for it. The show got a smashing review in these very pages when I did at Alphabetti Theatre last year. I also do a podcast with Ken McGuinness called The Greatest Film You’ve Never Seen. We get awesome guests to talk about the best films that have passed them by and then we get them to describe their version of their film choice based on the limited knowledge they have. It’s just daft fun really. Listen in all the usual places by finding our production company Hope For Proles. First though, here’s some songs I like.

The Ronettes – Be My Baby
My favourite piece of art ever made. It’s just impeccable. That drumbeat, the fact Cher is doing backing vocals, the achingly sad lyrics. Easily the song I’ve heard most in my life and makes me melt every time. It always makes me think of the start of Dirty Dancing too, which is no bad thing.

Pretty Girls Make Graves – Speakers Push The Air
My second favourite band of all time and criminally underrated. Post-punk, chaotic yet technically proficient indie rock and really poetic lyrics. I just love this band and I was gutted when they broke up. As a consolation, the band members spawned a litany of awesome side projects.

Bruce Springsteen – Born To Run
The Boss. He writes with passion and intellect and captures a spirit of escape like no other. I could listen to this song forever. It was probably the inspiration for me moving all the way from Hebburn to Newcastle. ‘Cos tramps like me, baby I was born to run. (Seven stops on the metro line).

Green Day – 86
My favourite band of all time, the cornerstone of my life from the age of 13 and the band I nerd out for the most. I am just a mega Green Day fan and this track is my favourite, and one that lead to me starting a band with someone as soon as they said it was their favourite song too. If you like Green Day, we’ll probably get on.

The Decemberists – Eli, The Barrow Boy
The saddest song ever written. Not even sad in a whiney-white-boy way, just proper heartbreaking. Colin Meloy has a gift for telling stories and this album is littered with tragedy, honesty and tortured tales of real life across time and place. If you want to try to understand the human condition, give The Decemberists a go. I’m aware that I’m not using songs that are selling coming to watch my comedy show very well at all, but I just love things that sound sad. With that in mind, you’re just lucky I’m not waxing lyrical about the theme tune to Prisoner: Cell Block H.

Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance With Somebody
I properly love pop music. It’s a perfect pop banger and the poor lass just really wanted someone to dance with.

GlassJaw – Tip Your Bartender
If I were a professional wrestler (which I like to often imagine I am. My finishing move would be called the Beckwith-Bomb) this would be my entrance music. GlassJaw are perfection for a post-hardcore band and Daryl Palumbo is a legit genius and my absolute man-crush; the teeny, talented scamp.

ONSIND – Dissatisfactions
Local bands for local people. I’ve adored this band for years and this song features in my pre-show playlist for its tender beauty. When I’m having a mental wobble, this little gem is my first port of call. Mindfulness is all well and good, but give me some canny eggs from Durham reminding me to look after my mental health and it’s just what I need. Lush.


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