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In this day and age of unpopular opinions, there is one opinion that once you hear it it causes a fundamental paradigm shift that cannot be resisted. That opinion is that Grease 2 is a far superior film to the original. At first you just dismiss it as ridiculous but as time passes it gnaws away at the back of your mind. You try and fight it by thinking of the quality performance by John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John and co, the songs, which most people probably know by heart and the impact it had on popular culture. But then you start thinking of the sequel with the “wish I was him” Cool Rider, the smouldering chemistry between Maxwell Caulfield and Michelle Pfeiffer, the under-appreciated ear-worm quality of every song on the soundtrack and the cheesy motorcycle based action… and you soon begin to realise that all of this time you have been living a lie.    

Thankfully comedian Simon Beckwith and writer/actor Kelly Rickard have put together a twelve episode podcast series that pays homage to the cinematic work of genius that is Grease 2.  They go through the film song by song, with each episode giving the listener facts, tidbits, stories and of course, lots of laughs. 

Here, Kelly gives us a bunch of fives about her favourite things about Grease 2…

1) Paulette’s voice
Grease 2 was released at a time when there was a penchant for sweet, poppy, ‘girly’ voices. But Paulette sings like a W.O.M.A.N. When she sings it’s as though the sound – the husky, earthy sound – is coming from her gigantic lady-balls. In fact, why not? Paulette’s voice is a primal scream from the collective ovaries of all of us girls who don’t sound (or look) like Disney Princesses. Go Paulette!  

2) It boasts the Best Bowling Alley Scene of any film EVER. FACT. 
The glorious ‘Score Tonight’ number bursts onto the screen like a coked-up Mardi Gras. It is brilliantly colourful, wonderfully camp and the best Choreography-with-Balls you’ll see outside of Boulevard. It smashes through that American-teeny-bopper-veneer with overtly sexual lyrics: the girls sing in unison that they’re ‘sitting on a bomb that’s about to explode’, and who can forget Adrian Zmed, down on his knees, singing to Paulette’s golden crotch, ‘Hey Paulette, take a look over here, I’m your king-pin, honey, and I’m getting in gear.’ (For cunnilingus, apparently). 

3) Maxwell Caulfield’s face
Don’t know what I’m talking about? Simply google images of him from Grease 2. Make sure that you’re on your own and unlikely to be disturbed. 

4) Stephanie Zinone
Michelle Pfeiffer’s character in this film is nothing short of a feminist icon. The perfect counterpart to the twinset-and-pearls-clad Sandra D in Grease, Stephanie Zinone is all red lipstick and punky leather, and she wouldn’t dream of changing herself for a man. She is absolutely in charge of her own sexuality: she knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it. In song. Whilst writhing around on a step ladder. Don’t know what I mean? Just google ‘Cool Rider’. (But again, make sure that you’re on your own and unlikely to…oh, you know the craic).  

5) Reproduction
What is not to love about a Sex Education lesson in song format? I’d have paid infinitely more attention in Biology had the plant metaphors been accompanied, as they are in this song, by cute 1960s chords and sexy gender-swap choreography.  

The podcast is five episodes in with new episodes coming out out weekly on a Thursday at these links:
ACAST – bit.ly/g2itwacast
APPLE – bit.ly/g2itwapple
SPOTIFY – bit.ly/g2itw

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