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It’s been a packed twelve months for comedian and writer Si Beckwith. We find out more about the Geordie stand-up’s year…

So, how was your 2018?
Really good thank you. Loads of gigs, loads of writing opportunities, been managing the events for Newcastle Castle too which has been incredible. Sold out film screenings all over the shop (who knew Hocus Pocus was so popular) and it’s been really rewarding pulling together an incredible cultural programme there.
I’ve got to play in some of my favourite comedy venues too, and played to some absolutely lush crowds (and some not so lush). Started writing and performing in sketches for BBC Newcastle’s Grin Up North which has been lovely.
I got tattooed loads this year, so have lots of lush memories in there, bought a new bass so I’m looking forward to slappin’ da bass about more. Oh, and I won the Champions League with Leyton Orient on Football Manager, which felt like a real achievement and I don’t even regret wearing a suit for it.

What was your best moment?
Aside from the Leyton Orient Champions League win? Hmmmm. Comedy has made me very happy this year, and the night I run (Funslingers Comedy) at South Causey Inn would be up there. Each show has been a sell-out, and the first gig in the new room there with Hal Branson, Katherine Tanney, Neil Harris and Seymour Mace warmed my little heart and made my face hurt from laughing.

And your worst moment?
Our football group going from playing twice a week to not playing at all. It’s made me doughy. Well, that and my love of double McDonalds meals.
Obviously the state of the world too. I could go on and on about that forever, but I love post-apocalyptic films, so I think I’m set for scavenging in the wasteland that’ll be left in 2019.

Your favourite band of the year?
This has been an awesome year for music. I introduced a mate to Martha at Evo Emerging and that cemented them as one of my faves. Locally, really enjoyed Ghost//Signals this year, and A Festival A Parade are just phenomenal now.
I also got made an incredible playlist (turns out that even the modern age mixtape is still a class way to woo someone) that featured the band Mom Jeans and I’ve been giving them regular plays ever since. Also from that playlist, it cemented that Rilo Kiley are just bloody unreal.

Your favourite song of the year?
Mom Jeans’ Death Cup. It was out last year, but it’s definitely my most played song of the year. I’ve also spent the last three weeks singing nothing but Bono’s bit from Do They Know It’s Christmas, so that too.

Favourite TV of the year?
I’ve been so glad Walking Dead’s picked back up, but I don’t even know if it’s any good as it had gotten so shit.
Westworld rocked my world. The live episode of Inside No. 9 made me feel the same way watching Ghost Watch did when I was little. It was so scary, that if my Mam hadn’t ran away to go live in a caravan with a racist, I’d be asking to sleep in her bed.
I binged all three series of No Offence in the space of three weeks too, and will happily do so again soon. Very funny, and such strong writing.

Your favourite film?
I really enjoyed seeing Ladybird, and thought that was a great film. Black Panther I think was this year, and it’s up there as my favourite super hero film. Awesome cast and an ace script.

Favourite venue of the year?
The Stand in Newcastle as always, it’s just like home. Alphabetti Theatre is always a joy to play. Running theatre shows and film screenings at Newcastle Castle has made me super proud also.

What was your favourite gig of the year?
I did a spot at Alphabetti Soup a few weeks ago that was just lush. Probably the above mentioned ones at the South Causey Inn.
Matt Reed and Hal Branson’s Gag Reels at The Stand was a load of fun to do.
Actually, there was a weekend me and Louise Young did at Yes Bar in Glasgow with Mike Milligan that was smashing, and they are both an utter joy to spend time with.
Watching, I saw A Festival A Parade at Cluny for NARC Fest and was blown away.

And finally, what has 2019 got in store for you?
LOADS!!!! Doing a solo show at Alphabetti Theatre in June. Programming loads of fun bits at Newcastle Castle throughout the year. Sketch stuff, NARC writing and webby editoring, lots of gigs, and I’ve set up working on a couple of exciting little projects that I can’t say too much about just yet.
And hopefully the return of 5-a-side football or I’m gonna end up just eating my fat ass to death.
And scavenging in the post-Brexit apocalypse, obviously.

Si Beckwith hosts Funslingers Comedy at The South Causey Inn on Friday 21st December.

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