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Ahead of a new comedy show taking place at The Old Cinema Laundrette in Durham, we got stand-up comedian Nick Cranston to tell us ways stand-up comedy and laundry may or may not be connected. The show features political comic John Scott, the effortlessly funny Lee Kyle and is hosted by Will Duggan. It’s a top line-up, so to get you in the mood, it’s over to you Nick and your comedy/laundry connections…

You want your Dinosaur Jr t-shirts clean. Unless that’s a new hipster thing we’ve missed? Your t-shirt gotta to be reasonably clean or you just ain’t getting that job are you?
Stand-up Comedy though. Well. There is clean stand-up. There is brilliant clean comedy; or brilliant comedy that HAPPENS to be clean. But most of what you see in comedy nights ain’t clean; in fact many comedians have jokes about bums and that. Ooo er.

Gettin’ down and dirty. Oh yeah. So you’ve got that interview at the bank and your best Dinosaur Jr t-shirt is dirty so you take it to the launderette. But while you’re there what’s this? A launderette with fully stocked bar and some comedy on, probably with some dirty bits in? Yes please! If it was good enough for Christina Aguilera it’s good enough for us.

Woah that was a mad Dinosaur Jr show but your t-shirt is all wet from dancing to Almost Ready. Even if it was clean you still need it dry. No one likes a wet Dinosaur Jr t-shirt, even J Mascis. Get it dried at the launderette. Dry-cleaned perhaps. Comedy can be dry; very very dry. Superdry? Desert sand dry. It can’t be wet though. Would be havoc with the mic.

Yeah man I get it. You’ve had that Dinosaur Jr t-shirt since their 1989 tour just after they released Bug. It can’t be washed at 40°C anymore can it? It’s gotta go in on it’s own at 30°C for 40 minutes max.
Stand-up is a delicate creature. The right word, the right inflection sets a totally different vibe and blows a routine wide open. Oh yeah. You can’t brute force gags; there’s nuance in language where the craft truly lies.
Or I mean, it’s just words in a certain order innit?

13th July; I’ll see you all there for some lovely craft beers and some great stand-up. I might have my Dinosaur Jr t-shirt on.

The comedy night at The Old Cinema Laundrette, Durham is on Thursday 13th July.

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