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We’re very fortunate at NARC to have some incredibly talented photographers, who manage to capture amazing moments from gigs all around the North East. We asked them to put forward their favourite photo of the year so far, and we’ve compiled a few together here. One singular moment, caught through a lens, one person’s viewpoint of a collective experience. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but we’ve asked them for a few more too, as they tell us just why this was their favourite photo of 2016, and we get excited for what other snapshots they’ll grab for us this year.

God Damn @ Cluny 2
God Damn are a raucous band live and this photo, for me personally, captures the energy that they project onto their audience. Everyone was loving this show and for good reason. God Damn are an amazing live band.

Image by Idene Roozbayani

Idene - God Damn__1468422577_128.65.101.133

Magnum @ O2 Academy
As a photographer this is my fave pic so far of 2016. It’s Bob Catley fronting Magnum at the O2 Academy Newcastle on 22nd May. I’m a 70’s/80’s kid and have liked Magnum as a band right from the beginning of their long career. Mr Catley is and always has been a charismatic and, from a photographers point of view, very animated performer, who evidently still enjoys his craft at the head of the band.
He does a lot of posturing and hand gesturing, and I managed to click the shutter just at the right time in the middle of one such moment. I also like it for the way his still flowing hair is highlighted by the vivid background lighting.

Image by Carl Chambers

Magnum by Carl Chambers__1468422599_128.65.101.133

Cancer Bats @ O2 Academy
This was my first gig of the year, and probably the most fun. I wasn’t a particularly big fan of the band, I have a few of their albums but I’ve never been more than a casual listener. However I had a feeling they’d be great live. I was correct, in fact they far exceeded my expectations and I ended up staying stage-side for the whole show, dancing away like an utter goon, along with members of the support bands. Which I loved to see, each band was having a great time and supporting each other.
This shot is 100% a fluke. Which might be why I love it more than any other pic I’ve taken. The light was fairly hit and miss with back-lights flashing on and off. Things just happened singer Liam Cormier came right up to me, lights flared just as he did an epic head bob. That left me with no time to react, luckily I had my settings perfect for the moment, right place, right time and most importantly right lens.
I like to get right in the thick of things in these kinds of shows (where permitted!) and the 15mm fisheye lens gives a grand sense of scale and more chance of capturing a dramatic moment in confined spaces. Black and white just seems to add to the energy of the moment. I find my preferences heading towards black and white images these days. Much more drama!
Great night. Great gig. Great memories!

Image by Graeme J. Baty

Graeme Baty - Cancer Bats__1468422544_128.65.101.133

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