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Throughout 2019, our magazine and website have been brimming with super-talented, creative souls, like multi-award winning, critically acclaimed comedian, Lauren Pattison, who tells us about her year.
So, how was your 2019?
I’d say it was pretty decent! Plenty of room for improvement in 2020 but on the whole, I can’t complain. I got to have a holiday this year that wasn’t also a work trip so that was lovely, although I think my out of office telling people not to expect a reply from me for 2 weeks may have been borderline aggressive.
What was your best moment?
I got to do stand up at the Sydney Opera House which still blows my mind to say. I never thought I’d get to see the Sydney Opera House let alone perform there. That was pretty cool. The backstage snacks were amazing I was definitely the only one tucking into all the slices of nice ham.
And your worst moment?
I did a roadshow comedy tour around more rural bits of Australia and saw more dead kangaroos than live ones. It got to the point I was politely asked to stop wailing every time I spotted one otherwise it was gonna be a long road trip.
Your favourite band/artist of the year?
Sam Fender. He’s had such a boss year and seems such a good lad for it to happen to. I saw him in Newcastle the other day at the academy and the atmosphere in that room was like nothing I’ve witnessed at a gig before, people are so behind him and rightly so
Your favourite song of the year?
Is it lazy to say Sam Fender’s whole album? Like I know I’m not picking a song but honestly, the whole thing is a banger. Every song is great and I rarely have that with an album, there’s normally always one you go for a wee or something while it’s playing but nah, not here
Favourite TV show of the year?
Probably Derry Girls. I prepared for series 2 by binge watching all of series 1 again and I regret nothing.
Your favourite film?
Booksmart! I saw all the hype when it came out but didn’t get round to seeing it. I watched it the other night and thought it was one of the funniest films I’ve seen in ages, working in comedy can make you a bit immune to laughing out loud at times but this was bloody good stuff.
Best book you read?
I read so many books I’d find it hard to pick one, I’m a fiend for reading. And I’m proud of it, I used to think saying I liked reading would make me sound like a nerd but now I’m too busy getting lost in a book to hear anyone call me a loser. I’ve read a lot of Harlan Coben this year, I love a good crime/thriller. My success rate for guessing the culprit leaves a question mark over me ever pursuing a police career
Favourite venue of the year?
My favourite venue will always be Newcastle Stand. It feels like home and I owe a lot to that place.
What was your favourite gig/show of the year?
It’s a toss up between Stephen Buchanan or Jess Fostekew’s Edinburgh shows. They’re the two shows that made me laugh the hardest, and it’s always a bonus when those shows are performed by genuinely lovely people too. OR – hang on … Spice Girls. I saw them this year and it was sheer joy and nostalgia and the stadium was full of so many women that I felt like I was in a cult. 

Any upcoming artists we should keep an eye out for in 2020?
Ooh, Louise Young is an incredible comedian.  She’s an absolute star in the making and you should catch her now before she’s selling out massive venues and you’re begging for a ticket to get in. So so funny, she works so hard too and deserves all the success that’s gonna come her way.

And finally, what has next year got in store for you?
Who knows? I’m going back to Edinburgh with a new show so that’s exciting. I mean, I say exciting but it’s definitely also nerve-wracking. I’m also coming back up to Newcastle and taking over Alphabetti for a week (tickets here) putting on different shows packed with the best comics around. You should come to it, it’ll be class. 

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