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After the success of her first debut single, Thrones, frontwoman of AXLS, Victoria Owsnett releases her next solo single, Accept. This atmospheric electro-pop offering, which has been solo produced from a bedroom studio, questions what could have been had life taken a different path.

We catch up with Victoria to find out what her dream gig would look like…

When I think of my dream show I picture an outdoor festival stage with thousands in attendance. It would take place on The Town Moor in Newcastle, on the sunniest day of the year. My inspiration for the big crowd comes from watching videos of Queen perform at Live Aid, particularly the part where Freddie Mercury gets the whole crowd to sing along with him. I can’t wrap my little brain around how incredible that must have felt!

With a festival setting comes multiple acts. Going off a mixture of my all-time and current favs, the line-up would include Doja Cat, Ashnikko, Daft Punk, Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, Nero, Lorde, Rihanna, and Post Malone. And we’ll assume they would all very kindly allow me to headline, of course. Each artist would wear an exceptionally extra outfit so that The Sun could write an outrageous headline about it in the morning. We’d have a shared backstage area with beer pong and a buffet. Most importantly it would have an area where I could watch the acts and dance to their many bangers, all while trying not to s**t myself from nerves.

I would want the audience to have loads of street food to choose from. One, because I’m a good host but two, because I want the smell of doughnuts and curry wraps in the air. And I’d definitely get someone to sneak me a kebab backstage after my set. There would also be some fairground rides, like a Ferris wheel and the waltzers.  

My performance would be late at night so I could put on a laser/light show reminiscent of an Avicii concert (R.I.P. to that wonderfully talented man). I would have someone choreograph a dance to each of my songs so I could give Ariana a run for her money. Although I think I would probably need to squeeze in some dance lessons first. I’m always so amazed when I see artists put on a visual show as well as an amazing vocal performance, so I’d like to do that for the crowd. I’d also love to feature/duet with literally any of the above-mentioned artists in a song (Post Malone… If you’re reading this?). I wonder if I could pull off a stage dive too? I do worry I’d end up doing a Jack Black in School of Rock though.

Once the gig was over there would of course be a gigantic after party. I reckon we could all fit into Grey’s Club in Newcastle no problem. Despite it being chaotic and having a slightly random line-up, I think my dream show sounds perfect!

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