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If you don’t know who Katherine Ryan is, you probably don’t own a television set. The Canadian comedian has joked, presented and been quizzed, on all things primetime from the Beeb to cable and everything in between.

Donning a pink “Vagina dress”, it’s a somewhat different Ryan that we see tonight, because you’re “not allowed to swear on Netflix.” She’s a proud single mum in a world that’s telling her not to be single and she has no intention of giving it up on tour to the “chuckle-fuckers” like her male compatriots do on a nightly basis.

A predominantly female Friday night audience have packed out this venue for the second time on the Glitter Room tour and it’s the girls that Ryan is keen to address. Her message is simple. Love the Kardashians but hate their “revenge bodies.” Do it for yourself, not for a man. Celine Dion is in because she’s released albums in six different languages whereas the leader of the Western world can’t speak one. “The nation’s sweetheart” – and half Geordie, half Welsh – Cheryl Tweedy is out, even though she’s “so beautiful it almost makes racism ok.” Marathon runners are out for raising cancer awareness; “We’ve heard of it, sit down.” The Tories are out, despite Ryan’s British born and impeccably posh daughter inadvertently growing up to be one. But it isn’t just about the women. Men are in, just so long as they; “Don’t fuck the vulnerable women. The teenagers, the drunk…the hungry!”

Ryan’s mainstream appeal gives her the opportunity to get across a message, but for the party crowd it has to be presented in a light-hearted way. And in a way, she is the message. Perfectly content single mother, successful TV personality, comedian, immigrant and accidental stalker of Anna Kendrick.


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