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On Friday 15th October, Teesside’s poptastic Head Of Light Entertainment play their first gig since March 2020 at NE Volume Bar, Stockton (with support from Lines From A Poem and Jen Dixon). To celebrate, the band release New Boy, their first single in a couple of years.

Here, Carl Green from the band gives us a bunch of fives…

Here’s my top five North East band names. I love an intriguing band name and by checking out unfamiliar acts based on nothing more than an offbeat moniker, I’ve stumbled across all kinds of new music. Some of it I love, some of it I don’t, but no matter- my attention was grabbed, my curiosity piqued.

1. Snakes Don’t Belong In Alaska – To me this is an art house film title waiting for a script, darkly sardonic and potentially violent. There again, it could just be a smart Alec retort to someone not well versed in reptile habitats. It’s absurd but bold and confident. The Snakes themselves are actually a psychedelic rock outfit with some pretty cool tunes. 

2. Cows Lying Down – This is terrible and brilliant and ridiculous all at the same time. The open field imagery it conjures up is suitably pastoral and charming but was it just the first thing they saw out the window when trying to think of a name? They’re actually an accomplished folky pop band with some fine songs so moo to me.

3. Miss Danby And The What – This name caught my attention from the off. Who is Miss Danby and what exactly could ‘The What’ be? I get a kind of Midsomer Murders vibe to this one, it’s quintessentially English and gently eccentric. The band themselves are proper shouty and angry which isn’t really to my taste but their name will linger long after DCI Barnaby reveals the murderer.

2. Pussywillowfurryvenus – This name is luminous graffiti. It demands your immediate attention and warns all faint-hearts that an unhealthy amount of salaciousness is coming your way. And it actually sums up the music very well. They’re a kind of punky/metal hybrid of a band with bags of sleazy intent. Not the easiest name to say fast ten times when you’re drunk, mind.

1. Dennis – This is wonderfully geeky and a bit daft, like calling your ankle Derek. Maybe they were going for Dennis The Menace but to me it’s the tousled haired lad you sat next to in geography who knew where the Cairngorms were and enjoyed a flask of tomato soup at dinner time. This is the only band on the list I’ve actually seen live and they’re rather good- upbeat indie pop with added honking brass.

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