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Who are you and where are you from?
My name is Lauren Amour, and I am a pop artist from Jarrow which is a town in South Tyneside 

What is it you do?
I am a singer-songwriter, and content creator. Songwriting has been my passion for most of my musical career, and I love nothing more than getting that “uhhhh I think I’ve/we’ve made something special” feeling when in a writing session. I’d say my genre definitely falls in the relatable (hopefully) pop category, and you’ll either find me writing a heartfelt breakup song to scream along to in your car, or a powerful girly pop ballad, with the occasional Christmas song added into the repertoire 

How long have you been doing it?
I have been performing professionally for around 15 years. I’ve always enjoyed being on stage, and I would usually be fortunate enough to be cast in one or two theatre shows per year but the older I got, the more I realised that singing was becoming my main passion. I left the theatre scene and started gigging at small local events and supporting bands. Then I discovered songwriting and everything changed again. I was able to find a way to express my emotions musically during those harder teen years and I fronted a band until I was around 18. I performed at some amazing shows, I supported Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet, and 5ive  in front of tens of thousands of people, and shortly after that I signed my first management and publishing deal. I feel that right now, I’m at my most exciting time with my career so far. 

What inspires you?
I find inspiration everywhere. I’m quite a sensitive girl, so my coping mechanism for this has been songwriting ever since the day my Mam surprised me with my first piano. I think she might regret that now as years later after finishing my degree in Music, I upgraded to a baby grand which lives in our dining room and my first piano now lives in our garage so including all of my guitars we are surrounded by musical instruments. My two main artists to inspire me have to be Michael Jackson and Miley Cyrus, but I’m equally a big fan of Sia, Hayley Williams, Freddie Mercury, Olivia Rodrigo… and the list goes on 

Tell us about your music.
My music is mostly very uplifting female driven pop. I love the sounds of the 80s so I try to add a little touch of the 80’s in there, whether that be a vintage sounding synth or a vocal. Growing up around music, I’ve naturally gravitated towards finding comfort in listening to other people sing about topics I could relate to, so I always try to find relatable lyrics and emotions for my songs. I write about many different life situations, such as breakups, growing up etc, and even being attracted to people who don’t reciprocate those feelings. As long as my songs feel very real to the listener, that’s always how I want to be seen.  

What have you got coming up in the future?
I already feel very excited about 2023. Coming up I have a new song coming out on Friday 2nd December called Please Santa (Tribute to George). It is dedicated to somebody who was always extremely supportive of my music, who sadly passed from Brain Cancer a few weeks ago. I have another release coming out in January which I am so excited about and which will kick the year off with one of my favourite songs that I’ve written so far, and then I have a headline show at Bobiks in Jesmond on February 18th. Tickets are available now from the Shingigs website or the also the link in my social media’s

Where can people find out more about you?
You can find me on most socials, under @laurenamourmusic. I love chatting, and finding new creatives to work with so be sure to give me a message if you’d like to collab, or even just to say hello!

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