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Who are you and where are you from?
We are Grave Faces. A five-piece punk rock band from Teesside, made up of Phil (vocals), Dan (drums), Chris (bass) Martin & Rob (guitars)

What is it you do?
We create fun, energetic punk rock songs and have a good time in the process. 

How long have you been doing it?
In this instance, not long. We’ve effectively been doing this together for about 8 months. But we’ve all had the experiences of playing in bands of a similar ballpark in the past, so this feels almost like a natural progression from the previous projects we’ve all had. Being a little older than before with more life commitments means we can’t all get together as frequently as we once would have, but the upshot is we are (maybe) a little more organised now and have a better focus once we do get together. We formed from a long-running idea between myself (Rob) and Martin as we lived on different sides of the Atlantic for a while. Martin moved home in ’22 and we just knew we wanted to get something going as soon as we could. Dan and Chris were kind of always on our minds for the rhythm section as we’re long-time friends, and Phil was the cherry on the cake once we started thinking about vocal duties.

What inspires you?
It’s a real mixed bag for any musician, but being in a band is even more so. But from a songwriting perspective, I (Rob) find 80’s rock, metal and pop music a big inspiration. I always love the idea of a catchy and almost inviting element to a song. I’ve always kind of had a very strong love for all music, style and general attitude of the 80s, and I feel like there’s a reason people think fondly of the music of that period. It’s fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously, and it’s almost accessible to everyone in some way; even if you don’t have that much of an interest in music, you’d definitely be tapping your foot to some Huey Lewis, Def Leppard or Duran Duran.

Tell us about your music.
We play punk rock. Our music is definitely something that means a lot to us 5. We grew up in a time when this kind of thing was just sneaking out of the underground and becoming the biggest thing in pop culture, paired with the skateboarding movement it was something that we all seemed to just belong to. Coupling that with a point in time where finding new music was an addictive and fun pastime as you’d hunt bands down from the liner notes of your favourite CD or read an interview in Kerrang and that band mentioned someone who they loved. It was a lifestyle and something none of us are ashamed to admit or talk about to this day. We wear it as a badge of honour and we try to encapsulate sense of admiration and passion our music and to keep it young and carefree. 

What have you got coming up in the future?
Our first show was on Feb 23rd at Off The Ground in Middlesbrough with a couple of amazing Northern bands and friends of ours, Onlooker and Fast Blood. Following that we’ve got a couple more local shows that will be announced in due course. We’ve just released a DIY demo which is available to stream everywhere now and we’re about to release our first single in the coming weeks (8th March) which we had tonnes of fun doing so we’re excited to get that to people and it’ll be out on all the usual music hot spots. 

Where can people find out more about you? 

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