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Like cooking but sick of using boring old ovens and microwaves? Are you looking for more exciting methods of making meals involving car engines and air-conditioning systems? If that’s you, then make sure you go and watch George Egg at ARC, Stockton on Thursday 21st November.

After a sell-out run at the Edinburgh Festival, George’s show, Moveable Feast is a very different type of comedy show, which demonstrates how to make food on the go. It involves him cooking food but without any conventional kitchen equipment, as well as demonstrating ways to procure items from the train snack trolley, beat the rip-off prices at the airport and how to turn unexpected roadworks into a picnic. It’ll bring new meaning to the term ‘belly laughs’ and you’ll even get to taste the results at the end.

Ahead of the show, George gives us a Bunch Of Fives as he picks his favourite food and comedy moments in TV and film.

Alan Partridge – Chocolate Mousse
There’s so many to choose from in Alan’s canon. There’s cramming a whole orange into his mouth between tracks on Mid Morning Matters, getting Tony Hayers to ‘smell my cheese you Mother!’ during his disastrous show-pitching meeting and of course his ‘big plate’ that he uses at the Linton Travel Tavern’s breakfast buffet. But for me the best Alan-and-food moment has to be when, during his Valentine’s night dalliance with Gill, she tries to inject a bit of magic by pouring chocolate mousse on him and it doesn’t have the desired effect.

Nuts In May – Chewing
By far and away my favourite thing that Mike Leigh has made. Two middle-class somewhat holier-than-thou vegetarian campers on holiday. That’s all. Like the best of Basil Fawlty, Larry David or David Brent, while you’re cringing at Keith (Roger Sloman) you’re simultaneously sympathising and to a degree empathising with his plight while desperately wishing he could deal with it in a different way. My favourite foodie bit is when Candice Marie (Alison Steadman) questions Keith’s rule that food should be chewed 72 times. I love how long they draw out his internal counting before he answers.

Napoleon Dynamite – Tots
A surreal but completely accessible story about being an underdog and winning. This is one of the only films I’ve ever rewatched while listening to the DVD commentary and it’s well worth it. It’s a true ensemble piece, made by friends with a long history and their constant interjections like ‘that’s a real place’ and ‘that actually happened’ make the film itself so much more enjoyable.  I think the humour is a real testament to creating something from what YOU find funny, rather than what you think other people will enjoy. There’s always someone out there who’ll be on your wavelength. Food features heavily in this film; steak; cheese; cakes; milk; corndogs; orange juice. So much so that we’ve even played family games of 20 questions where the answer has to be ‘food from Napoleon Dynamite’. But the best bit is when our hero tries to quietly eat some ‘tots’ in class.

Indiana Jones – Apple
In ‘Temple of Doom’ there’s a brilliant scene where Indiana Jones and his friends are invited to a banquet hosted by a young Maharaja. The food is grotesque with such delights as eye-ball soup, baby snakes and chilled monkey brains – all grossly inaccurate and downright racist when viewed through woke twenty-first century eyes. Indiana’s cohort Willie refuses to eat and goes to her room hungry only to be surprised by Indiana later with a plate of fresh fruit. There’s an apple that he crunches and it’s the best apple crunch in cinema.

Kramer vs Kramer – French Toast
Ok, not a comedy film at all, but I love it and I’ve seen it hundreds of times. Joanna (Meryl Streep) has left her husband Ted (Dustin Hoffman) and their son Billy. Ted isn’t a stay-at-home dad and he doesn’t know how to cope as demonstrated by a chaotic and unsuccessful attempt to make french toast for Billy the morning after Joanna has walked out on them. At the end of the film, after Ted has lost custody of Billy, they make French toast again one last time. It’s beautiful. 

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