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It’s May! Which means bank holiday madness, albeit toned down by a global pandemic. But still, a couple of long weekends to go absolutely radged in a rainy beer garden is not to be sniffed at. Capturing all the excitement (said with a slight hint of sarcasm) and energy (not all positive) is Darlington/Manchester’s music maestro Mr. Matthew Fisher with his latest single Mr. Bank Holiday.

It’s a track filled with all the modern, social media savvied wit and razor sharp observations that you’d expect from the talented songwriter, mixed with retro influenced sounds that wouldn’t seem out of place blaring out of a bustling, boomer-filled The Boot & Shoe (ask a Darlingtonian) on a busy Sunday afternoon (there’s notes of ELO, T-Rex, Bowie and Small Faces to name a few). It’s bold, it’s vibrant and effortlessly cool. Play it on your phone as you knock back a couple of Fosters and watch some bloke aggressively hoy a chair to celebrate small freedoms from the economic grind of work.

Accompanying the song, is a fun-filled video, which we’re delighted to be given an exclusive look at. Here, Matthew tells us more about the song and video…

“Mr. Bank Holiday was a song written after a long day at work on a bank holiday. It covers the sensationalism of bank holidays in the UK and how everyone goes wild for them but also covers a little darker side, the idea of people being trapped at work or not being able get out on a bank holiday for a variety of reasons. In a deeper sense, the song is a dig at the privilege that many hold and may not be aware of. Mr. Bank Holiday is a character I made in my head, you know the classic got all the gadgets, nice car and a steady holiday allowance each year and doesn’t really consider much else. 

We just wanted to make a really silly video so I recruited my podcast co-host Daniel Skilbeck for some Merseyside slow motion dancing and then my ex-bandmate Thea joined me in my role starring as Mr. Bank Holiday. The video was shot & edited by Jack Gibbons.”

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