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Image: Degna Stone by Sarah Metcalf

Written by and starring Degna Stone, The Lies is an interesting exploration into various philosophies of truth-telling. Using a combination of fairy tale characters (The Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy), the success of Stone’s writing is its ability to reflect various sociably acceptable untruths and contrast them with deeper, more complicated lies – such as the ‘white lies’ we often use when trying to protect others. Why is it acceptable for adults to mislead children through stories, yet we instruct them strongly not to lie?

Centred around Stone’s character, and their background as a self-confessed failed mother, The Lies springs to life through the standout performance of Luca Rutherford and their use of multiple fictional characters to question Stone, and find contradictions in their beliefs about the importance of honesty.

Packing much in to its 45 minutes, and layered with interesting visuals containing sub-plot lines about truth in the media and by public figureheads, The Lies scratches the surface of one of society’s deepest questions; should we always tell the truth, and will the truth set us free? We may not get definitive answers, but we are asked interesting questions.

The Lies runs at Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle until Saturday 3rd June.

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