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Two of the finest North East selectors, Cass Lamb & Fields drop The House Blend EP, a split release via Kaneda Records featuring six loosely defined house music that incorporate a breadth of sounds, textures, rhythms and effects. 

To celebrate this latest release we asked the duo to give us their six of the best…

Cass’ Selections 

Florian Kupfer – Feelin
This hazy and melancholic modern classic influenced my mix of ‘Alphonso Mango’, with its somber mood, and switches in the hi-hat patterns. However for my track I wanted it to sound a little more refined and balmy, as opposed to ‘Feelin’ which is pretty distorted and ‘warehouse-y’. Alongside ‘Feelin’, some tracks from Move D influenced Alphonso Mango, as well as lots of ‘terrace’ style deep house tracks, like the next one in this list.

Terry Lee Brown Jr – The Chase (Dub)
I picked up this track on vinyl from the Oxfam on Chillingham Road around 6 years ago when I first moved to Newcastle from Gateshead, and it’s been a favourite of mine and a track I’ve played out more than a few times since. In contrast to the track before where I was influenced by rough sounds to make something clean, for Enstasy I wanted to make a rougher sounding track inspired by really clean productions.

Also the filtered loop element of this track was very much influenced by the likes of Armand Van Helden, Mood II Swing and a lot of that 90’s NY house stuff. There’s also more than a few comparable motifs here from Daft Punk’s Revolution 909.

I suppose for this track I was going for something like the artists I’ve just mentioned, but sounding like it’s being blasted through the wall.

Oasis – Oasis #1
This Oasis is an alias of Omar S; nothing to do with those Gallagher brothers! Again I like the mood of this track, and the contrast between the rhythmic elements and the splashes of dissonance. I also like the way that the elements fade in and out as it progresses. This fluid-like way that the track flows and the contrast between elements I have incorporated into ‘Swim Deep 98’, which bobs and weaves around in its structure, and its deep bass swells, the wicka-wicky guitar, the droney chords, and the hi hat and clap patterns.

Fields’ Selection 

Studio Pressure – Fusion (1995)
Studio Pressure is an alias of Photek, who is one of the best drum and bass producers in my opinion. Growing up I was only exposed to the harder side of dnb which I never really was a fan of, but when I found artists such as Photek and Source direct I fell in love with this deeper, more melancholic side of drum and bass. It’s jazz from the future, soulful but mechanical, experimental but driving. 


MR G – Rex One Saturday Night! (Released on Phoenix G, 2017)
It was really hard to pick just one Mr G track as he is such a consistent producer. When it comes to making soulful machine loops oozing with funk he is one of the best. He keeps it so simple but the results are just irresistible. He has these signature drums which are so raw, and one of the reasons why I find myself throwing a 909 ride into so many of my productions. 

Appleblim & Peverelist – Circling (Released on Skull Disco, 2008)
I love everything about this release. The EP cover has this stoner/death metal aesthetic going on that conjures up images of Lovecraftian beings, and the music itself is some of the deepest dubstep I know. The title Circling is appropriate, with all the delayed sounds echoing into eternity and circling around your mind, mesmerizing you and transporting you down a deep wormhole far away in space. 

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