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Dick Valentine will play a special show at Middlesbrough’s TS One event on Thursday 21st July. Electric Six vocalist will play alongside Jake Ray-Dio of Middlesbrough rockers Be Quiet. Shout Loud! and Tyneside singer-songwriter Heather Story to celebrate a year since Whirling Dervish moved to the venue.

Valentine, real name Tyler Spencer, has enjoyed a solo career, churning out three albums since 2012, as well as playing in electronic dance-rock two-piece Evil Cowards. But it is his main project, Electric Six, that he is most renowned for – especially the track Gay Bar, which merges the genres of punk and disco. His full discography relies heavily on 80’s funk and almost all tracks are laced with ballad-style power chords.

Influenced by Freddie Mercury and Black Sabbath, the combination of the two are portrayed in Valentine’s character. Coming all the way from Pittsburgh, USA, the Whirling Dervish intimate gig will be one not to be missed. A set bulging with feel good anthems, hopefully including the hit Danger! High Voltage, will slither around TS One.

It is the somewhat novelty appeal of Gay Bar and Danger! High Voltage that conjures people to Dick Valentine’s music. For these two tracks alone, it is worth heading down to. Entry is free and the first act starts at 9pm.

Whirling Dervish’s First Birthday takes place at TSOne, Middlesbrough on Thursday 21st July.

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