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Image by Jetta Sneddon

Although I’m an emo at heart, I’m also a sucker for a sequin. This may go some way to explain why I’m such a fan of Teesside disco punks Be Quiet. Shout Loud!; they may look like an unassuming bunch of Ladz, but stick them on a stage and suddenly it’s all about glitter, eye-wateringly tight costumes and synth pop bangers with an emotional message.

Seriously though, visual style notwithstanding, BQSL really do just have something about them. Maybe it’s the way they’re unafraid to wear their hearts on their (sequin clad) sleeves, writing songs about paranoia, mental health and politics; maybe it’s because they don’t take themselves too seriously, and encourage their audience to do the same; but perhaps the real reason is because they can write a bloody excellent pop song – in fact, they can write a whole host of them.

Fresh on the heels of their superbly received Another Commotion EP, the band return this month with their Fake Emergency EP, a synth-heavy, pop-ridden joy-filled release. Answerphone encourages escapism in its hi-hat shimmers and chanting chorus, while I Will Be There is catchy as hell. The delightful Scream! Clap Your Hands! is BQSL encapsulated in a delicious three-minute slice of pogo-inducing synth pop – political stress, personal relationships, disco dancing…what more could you want?

It must also be stated that BQSL put on a corker of a live show, so their EP launch at Middlesbrough’s Westgarth Social Club on Saturday 19th October is a real must-attend. The all-day shindig also features It’s Complicated, Undivine Telephoneline, The Lulas, The Uptone Monotones, The Seamonsters, Strange Within and a whole host more. Don’t forget those dancing shoes!

Be Quiet. Shout Loud! launch Fake Emergency EP on Saturday 19th October at Westgarth Social Club, Middlesbrough


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