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Thought Trumpet is an acoustic act that tries to go against your standard one man and his guitar stereotype. Mixing grungy vocals with heartfelt lyrics that talk about Homelessness, Loss, Addiction and Passion. With a new single coming out on Friday 30th August we have a chat with the talented musician to see what’s what.

Where did the name Thought Trumpet come from?
The name was actually a piece of graffiti I saw on a toilet wall. I just thought it was interesting and kind of described an explosion of thoughts, which was similar to my style of writing. I did a little searching and discovered it wasn’t a name used by anyone, anywhere, for anything else.

I didn’t use the name straight away. The discovery was made back in 2013 and since then I’ve only used it as a title for a private blog, where I literally trumpeted my thoughts, no matter how inane. As it got closer to 2019, I already had music written, which was being showcased at open mic night under my own name, but I wanted to rebrand myself as ThoughtTrumpet, so the logo was made and minutes into the new year, it became what it is today.

Describe your sound.
It can change dramatically, depending on my mood and what I’ve been listening to at the time of writing. There are a few tracks, like Here Comes The Smoke, Ugly, and 2nd Gear, which are pretty grungy but then there’s Gone and Your Story, which are both a bit folk.

I’d definitely say it sounds heavier and louder than most other acoustic acts and I prefer to perform that way. I still like to keep it melodic so people can sing-a-long if they want to. Probably similar to the MTV Unplugged sessions of the likes of Nirvana and Pearl Jam except it’s just me, a guitar and a big amp.

What inspires your music?
Most of the time, I just pick up a guitar and see what comes out. A melody follows and then words just start to find their way in (it’s like listening to something being mystically born from nothing). It usually ends up related to my life, the lives of others, things that are going on around me or just something entirely fictional, yet relatable.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Tool lately, and that inspired the riff and vocal melody of a track I’ll be recording for the first album. It was my mood at the time that inspired the lyrics

Who are your biggest creative influences?
I’d say Faith No More and Foo Fighters have been the biggest musical influences but lately I’ve been looking at a lot of local musicians and some of the things they’re coming out with is just mind-blowing.

I take a lot of lyrical influence from authors such as Phillip. K. Dick, Neil Gaiman, Lewis Carrol and Terry Pratchett. The way they describe and name things, without actually saying what it is, has heavily influenced the way I like to hide things within slightly cryptic messages. If you listen closely to My Disease, you can hear a lot of references to one of those authors hidden away.

Tell us more about your upcoming single release, Ugly.
Ugly will be released on 30th August. To celebrate there’ll be a special Single Release party being held at Whirling Dervish, TS One in Middlesbrough on the 29th August.

The title is a reference to the term “Ugly on the inside” and it’s about how people, no matter how good-natured we are, can just be cruel sometimes and often without even realising it. It also has a few lines that reference a gig that led to what inspired the song.

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