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Image: Life Is Waiting by Iara Lee

Since their launch late last year, ¡VAMOS! Social’s philosophy of inclusion and multi-culturalism has won them many fans. Whether they’re hosting live music, club nights, art exhibitions or yoga sessions, everything they do is underpinned by their welcoming ethos and a high calibre of talent.

As part of their ongoing season of free film screenings, March’s events offer something for film buffs and culture vultures to enjoy in equal measure. Screening on Thursday 10th March, Aluna is a highly unique feature-length documentary of huge cultural significance as well as environmental importance. Initiated by the elusive Kogi people of Colombia, a true ‘lost civilisation’ who once traded with the Mayans and Aztecs and survived the Spanish conquests, Aluna illustrates the Kogi’s understanding of the hidden connectedness in nature, providing a warning that the world’s increasing reliance on disruptive energy and unbalanced ecosystems will have catastrophic effects. Created by award-winning filmmaker Alan Ereira, who brought global attention to the Kogi people in his television film From The Heart of the World: The Elder Brothers’ Warning, Aluna demonstrates a new generation of Kogi’s who insist that the world needs to heed their warnings.

Screening on Thursday 24th March, Life Is Waiting is a new film by director Iara Lee, who chronicles the struggle of the people of the Western Sahara, the Sahrawi people, who continue to face arrests, torture and disappearances as they demand their independence from colonialism. In the film, cultural activists and artists talk about their non-violent resistance to military occupation and a Q&A session with a Saharawi activist will take place after the screening.

Aluna Trailer from Alan Ereira on Vimeo.

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