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Bunker down in Pop Recs on Saturday 30th April for another night of cult celluloid classics, hosted by internet film magazine CEL. They’re ‘advising the householder on protection against nuclear attack’, not by teaching you how to put on a hazmat suit or use a Geiger counter, but by screening a double dose of British film.

1984’s Threads is a docudrama account of nuclear war and its effects on Sheffield. Centring on two families – the working class Kemps and middle class Becketts – and their personal struggles, the film also looks at the policy of the British government at the time through the actions of a member of Sheffield County Council. Documenting the medical, economic, social and environmental fallout of nuclear war, the BAFTA award-winning movie pulls no punches in representing the full horrors of atomic warfare.

It’s followed by the slightly less graphic, but still emotionally devastating, animated feature When The Wind Blows. Based on the Raymond Briggs graphic novel of the same name, the film follows an elderly couple as they prepare for the oncoming of nuclear war. Using a combination of drawn animation and stop motion, it’s often funny and warm but with some deeply heart-breaking moments. It also features a stunning soundtrack, mostly performed by Roger Waters and The Bleeding Heart Band, as well as songs from David Bowie and Genesis. You’ll have to deal with the fallout if you miss it.

Threads & When The Winds Blows screen at Pop Recs Ltd, Sunderland on Saturday 30th April.

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