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David Callaghan’s ‘augmented reality comedy theatre’ show takes you on a journey through a collection of stories, some of them mere moments, documenting chances taken and chances missed.

Following over 40 performances at Edinburgh Fringe, and an award-winning run at Reykjavik Fringe Festival, this homecoming rendition of Everything That’s Me Is Falling Apart is testament to those accomplishments and flowed with ease. This is especially impressive in a show with so many moving parts (literally).

On stage we see a small train which, throughout the show, moves around a circular track. At each brief stop, its camera illuminates a different handmade scene, projecting the image onto a large screen. Animated characters and embellishments are laid onto these scenes digitally, but the real humanity and depth is added by Calllaghan’s fantastic and engaging storytelling.

At each stop Callaghan fleshes out these self-contained scenes, and the hopes and fears of the characters, through relatable and hilarious detail. Despite the mere snapshot you get into their lives, by the time the train moves on you are left empathetic for the initially indistinct animated figures.

Through tender, funny and beautiful writing, Everything That’s Me Is Falling Apart explores a handful of life’s simultaneously mundane and significant ‘sliding doors’ moments. The show is an encouraging push for anyone who is weighing up a risk, or a reminder that you’re not alone for anyone lamenting a missed opportunity. 

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