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Ever seen The Ten Commandments? Not the one with Charlton Heston as Moses but the original 1923 version also by Cecil B. DeMille. One thing the 20s version boasted (other than lacking some dodgy 50s animation) was a strikingly opulent set with no expense spared. For the last ninety years though, that very set has lain dormant under the Guadalupe Dunes on the Californian Coast. Kelvin Browne and Jacob Robinson set out on a journey to find the mythical set but instead found a pair of elderly men reflecting on the demise of the Wild West community, the internment of the Japanese citizens of the land during the Second World War and more.

These stories have helped to inform their new multi-screen installation, where the ruins of Hollywood history becomes a magnifying lens for the overall destruction of a community. Using DeMille’s film as a cinematic template, Browne and Robinson’s version of The Ten Commandments becomes a more personal look at faith and religion. It’s set to be a fascinating insight both into a small community and the glamour of Hollywood.

The Ten Commandments comes to the NewBridge Project, Newcastle between Friday 2nd October and Saturday 7th November.

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