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Image: Hockney – The Boy Hidden in an Egg

In an age where we are saturated by advertising, it’s interesting to take pause and reflect on the artistry and skill that often goes into its creation. A new exhibition at Newcastle’s Gallagher & Turner gallery (running until Saturday 29th February), The Leading Image: Vintage Exhibition Posters 1938-1985, explores that idea by showcasing the work of some of the 20th Century’s artistic giants through their exhibition posters.

Unlike today, exhibiting artists were intimately involved in every aspect of a show’s advertising; not just the image but also the layout and typography. This exhibition therefore not only showcases the reproduced work of Matisse, Chagall and Kandinsky but also provides a rarely seen glimpse into their graphical sensibilities. It’s fascinating to see the movement and colour of Joan Miro reflected in the hand drawn typography of his poster, or the stark unsettling nature of Bacon’s work suggested through the grey used to frame his central image.

The exhibition is a really unique way to bring theses modernist works together and a fitting first show to kick off the gallery’s 30th anniversary celebrations. With such distinctive aesthetics that still speak to us today, this exhibition is sure to provide inspiration in every frame. 

The Leading Image: Vintage Exhibition Posters 1938-1985 is at Gallagher & Turner, Newcastle until Saturday 29th February

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