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Lily Senner’s Heaven On Earth exhibition at Gallagher & Turner offers a glimpse at the spectacle a change in perspective grants the visual. Senner trained at both Newcastle University and The Royal Drawing School and the exhibition, which runs from Friday 15th July-Saturday 13th August is inspired by her isolated, pandemic walks around Jesmond Dene, Heaton Park and the Town Moor. Senner’s drawings and paintings utilise bold colours and expressionistic lines dictated not by fact but feeling.  

The North East often plays the part of muse within art, and Senner’s life-bearing exhibition offers a solidification of the animation at the heart of Newcastle, displaying the narratives that can unfold within the remembrance of places and images. Working solely from the imagination, Senner’s work questions reality and the certainty that everything remains stagnant, a questioning of whether lines can move and dictate their own motion emphasised through the mixed-media approach of the exhibition. 

Bold, temporal and shifting, Heaven On Earth invites a closer look at our surroundings, the conflation of utopia and dystopia in the midst of altering moods, colours and lines. The unflinching hues of each piece add colour to an environment mostly depicted as grey and failing, adding life and boldness but in a way that also draws focus to actuality; Senner blends imagination and reality and Heaven On Earth is the result. 

Lily Senner: Heaven On Earth is exhibited at Gallagher & Turner, Newcastle from Friday 15th July-Saturday 13th August.



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