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Image: Mark Bletcher – The Heat Before We Blundered

A series of exciting new exhibitions from brand new artists will be running at Newcastle gallery Gallagher & Turner from Friday 28th January until Saturday 5th March.

Middlesbrough-based contemporary artist Gordon Dalton presents his new solo show, Abandon All Hope; displaying both industrial and natural landscapes with a colourful and abstract twist. The abstract beauty is in the melancholy nature of the artwork, one which asks its reader to think, and question the consciousness of what they see intimately in front of them.

Also on display will be work by a trio of artists – Mark Bletcher, Abi Hampsey, and Oliver Hoffmeister – entitled Three’s A Crowd. Meeting locally at Newcastle University, the former students wish to explore figurative painting, but from three individual perspectives, all working in oil paint, resulting in an ambitious project that will beautifully capture the differences of perception. Bletcher’s perspective focuses on the magical realism genre, creating dreamy captures of perception; Hampsey creates an interesting contradiction in her explorations of truth, lies, memory and reality, reflecting these layers within her artwork; while Hoffmeister intertwines both of these perspectives by looking at the obscurity of the imagination, ultimately creating a sense of uncertainty in his work. The different layers produced by the three unique artists will bounce off each other exploring the senses of realism, truth and the imagination.

Gordon Dalton: Abandon All Hope and Mark Bletcher, Abi Hampsey and Oliver Hoffmeister: Three’s A Crowd exhibit at Gallagher & Turner, Newcastle from Friday 28th January until Saturday 5th March.

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