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Following their debut album Late In The Day in 2020, the line-up of Sunderland alt. rock band Cazimi has reshuffled somewhat, with Gary Binns on drums and Kev Melling on bass joining guitarist Jim McCulloch and lead vocalist and guitarist Ian Hedley.

The band note that while there haven’t been major changes musically, the make-up of the band has very much determined their direction. Ian described the production process: “I write the songs, take them along to the band and depending on who’s in the band, it’s going to change the version of the song.”

Drummer Gary admits that Ian is the driving force behind the group. “Ian does all the mixing and production himself, he does everything to be honest, he’s the creative force behind this, it’s great to have someone passionate and in control of what he sees as his baby.”

We can’t be easily pigeonholed…what I like about this music is that it sounds a bit different, it’s got some thought behind it lyrically

Preparing to release their brand new EP, Signals, this month, Gary stresses that the honesty in the songwriting is what spurs him on. “What’s important is that it’s honest music, and if you give it a chance it grows on you.”

The four track EP is dark and haunting, with influences spanning shoegaze, the nostalgic rock of the likes of Echo & The Bunnymen and the more modern alternative noise of Pip Blom, yet Gary proclaims: “We can’t be easily pigeonholed…the flip side of that is that people don’t know what we are! If you do fit nicely in a box that does make it easier in some respects, but what I like about this music is that it sounds a bit different, something I could work with and enjoy doing. It’s got some thought behind it lyrically, and as a drummer I could bring something to it and bring it to another level.”

A stand-out track for Ian is Coming Home, a song which has an explosive ambience in its vast instrumental rock range. Ian explains: “I love to play that, it gives us the shivers!” While the Gothic sounds of Fascination, a song which Ian has been tinkering with for over six years, finally comes to fruition in a haunting alt. rock soundscape.

The band will be launching their EP at Sunderland’s Ship Isis on Saturday 20th August, and they are preparing for an intense and intimate experience. “It’s a small room, and I think it’s going to be rammed and jumping!”

Cazimi play The Ship Isis, Sunderland on Saturday 20th August. Signals is out now.


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