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Those who enjoy unique experiences at the theatre should make a beeline for Ten Thousand Tons of Moonlight at Newcastle’s Dance City on Thursday 11th April. The live work in progress performance sublimely blends the language of poetry and dance with innovative digital projections and features the profound writing of Yu Xiuhua, a renowned contemporary Chinese poet living with Cerebral Palsy. Her impact on Chinese and global literature has been likened to that of Emily Dickinson.

The show is created by visionary dance producer Farooq Chaudhry, who was drawn to Xiuhua’s poetry and her exploration to find a place to belong and be accepted. This resonated with his experience of growing up as a Pakistani immigrant in the UK.

The diverse production champions disabled performers and those enthusiastic about groundbreaking approaches to dance, including Yu Xiuhua herself who will move alongside dancers, an actress and be supported by large shadows crafted by acclaimed visual lighting designer Michael Hulls. The production encourages contemplation on whether embracing our true selves and stepping out of the shadows leads to liberation, or if these shadows hold deeper meaning. Can these stirring poems reinterpreted through dance serve as a gateway to a parallel world where our true essence can flourish and spirits roam freely?

Ten Thousand Tons of Moonlight is at Dance City, Newcastle on Thursday 11th April.


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