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Pet peeves: loud chewers, conversation interrupters, and people who simply cannot grasp the plight of the migrant seeking a better life for themselves or their family.

Newsflash: no one wants to have their entire lives turned topsy-turvy as a result of political and/or social upheaval that leaves their beloved home decimated. Even those who migrate because of a desire to explore the wide world do so at tremendous personal cost, potentially leaving behind loved ones and loved places to see what opportunities new turf has to offer. So let’s have a little bit of sympathy for these brave souls, shall we?

Some things can’t be fully expressed with words alone, which is where Far From Home comes in. London-based, internationally renowned dance company Alleyne Dance explores the at-times touchy topic of immigration in this new production. Featuring six professional dance artists backed by a host of non-professional movers cast from the local community, this contemporary dance production embodies the hardships and triumphs of migrant families as they seek out safety in a new community. What’s more, this medium translates emotions across language and cultural barriers, making it a truly universal experience for a global audience.

Far From Home takes place at Dance City on Friday 28th April.

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