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Image Susie Green’s Cannes

Workplace Gallery is set to welcome a solo exhibition of new and existing work from artist Susie Green, as Interior Report heads to Gateshead from Saturday 13th January until Saturday 24th February. Drawing on a range of media, this exhibition includes painting, sculpture and performance in an exploration of the body as a site for pleasure and politics.

With a series of new paintings central to the showcase acting as vignettes, and spotlighting moments of intimacy, the images take on an unconventional, non-perspective view; looking down or even floating over a scene, or looking up to the surrounding architecture, creating diagrams or plan views. The scenes portray several encounters, with varying levels of emotional connection, whether online or face to face.

One real highlight is sure to be Kissing Seat (2017), a stained ash wooden bench inviting two people to sit next to each other but facing in opposite directions, so close that simply turning their heads together would invite a kiss. It’s a real embodiment of the dichotomy between contact or lack of contact with another.

There’s lots more on show too, as Interior Report presents a complex discussion around sex, loneliness, and relationships through a combination of candour and humour. Inner and outer worlds are explored, through intimate personal space, shining a light on the beauty in the spaces around us.

Susie Green brings Interior Report to Workplace Gateshead from Saturday 13th January until Saturday 24th February.

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