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I’ve been meaning to attend a Screenage Kicks event for a while now but some act of fate has separated me from the antics. Now that the event’s in its ninth incarnation I really don’t think there’s an excuse for having missed so many.

For those of you not in the now, Screenage Kicks is an immersive theatre experience combining live music, dance performances, fancy dress, and unusual venues to create Newcastle’s only pop up cinema experience. The first performance of The Big Lebowski at Lane 7’s bowling alley was an unprecedented success and since then has seen them showing Reservoir Dogs in the Boiler Shop and Tim Burton’s Batman in the Vermont Hotel (the latter event selling out days before the event). With themed food and drink served at every event as well, you can guarantee that every sense under the sun will be entertained.

The next event in the calendar takes Stanley Kubrick’s chilling masterpiece The Shining to the even more chilling environment of Wallsend’s Memorial Hall and it promises to be equally as outrageous as the previous Screenage Kicks beforehand. The venue itself eeks of a faded glamour, much the Overlook hotel in the film so what better venue to watch Jack Nicholson loose his shit and harass his family. The strict dress code for men calls for black tie/tuxedo/evening wear or blood drenched murder victim and for ladies ball gown/evening dress or blood drenched evening wear so whatever you wear don’t dress too normally as you’ll stick out like an axe through a wooden door. This is one you’ve got no excuse to miss. Let’s face it, all work and no play….

Screenage Kicks’ The Shining Overlook Ball takes place at Wallsend Memorial Hall, Newcastle on Friday 17th April.

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