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It seems like an awfully long time since the days of giggling along to Lee & Herring’s This Morning With Richard Not Judy and even longer since the glory days of Fist of Fun. But, since Richard Herring‘s amicable split with Stewart Lee, he’s gone on to write and perform a number of hit comedy shows of his own. Who could forget the inimical amiability of the Hitler Moustache tour and the religion-bating Christ on a Bike?

With twelve one-man shows to date, it seems only natural that Herring should look to compile his most popular riffs into one comic ‘greatest hits’ collection, wittily called The Best. If you’ve ever wondered about the genealogy of Christ or, never realised that liberals are more racist than racists, then this could be your perfect introduction. If you have heard, laughed and remembered these jokes then what could be better than to go along for a repeat viewing?

With The Guardian calling it “a gloriously infantile delight in mischief, provocation and inspired rudeness,” you can see for yourself at The Witham in Barnard Castle on the 18th March and at Newcastle’s The Stand on the 20th March.

Jesus, racism, dick jokes and a whole lot more; what’s not to like?

Richard Herring is at The Witham in Barnard Castle on the Saturday 18th March and at The Stand, Newcastle on Monday 20th March.

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