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Richard Herring is one of the few comedians whose gigs will tempt audiences to laugh and learn at the same time. His style is much the same, a bit of ex-comedy partner Stewart Lee mixed with a bit of outrageous funnyman Tony Law. One thing is certain though: even in Herring’s deceptively offhand or giddy stand-ups, wisdom is buried within. His current tour, entitled Lord Of The Dance Settee, stopping off at Stockton’s ARC on Friday 8th May, claims to be about daftness, but there’s a definite undertone to the show.

Two things in Herring’s life have changed fairly recently: he’s become a father and he’s become something between troll and titan on Twitter; his social media presence – and his thirst for critiquing it and popular culture as a whole – grows ever-more tenacious. There are many sides to any comic’s humour and wit, but this new show signals the fun Herring shares with his followers online every day, even more so when his daughter pops up in awesome onesies, but also his changing priorities and mutating outlooks.

The gig will be tireless in the same way his material always is: he has confronted mortality, mocked religion and pondered existence throughout his career. We don’t always expect rigour or profundity from Herring, but he will take us on the tough but treasured journey he himself embarks upon to find the funnies in knowledge.

Richard Herring is at ARC, Stockton on Friday 8th May.

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