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First up, full disclosure, I am a monthly badger. This means that I pay £1 per month to Richard Herring and in return I got one badge worth about 20p and he continues to make podcasts; it’s a great deal. 

If you’ve ever listened to As It Occurs To Me, Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast or are old enough to remember Fist of Fun, you’ll know that Richard Herring has a devious and expertly childlike mind. He pushes boundaries, but can explain why, and in doing so can diffuse any potential offence. 

Probably one of the most underrated comedians on the circuit, Herring consistently produces tours so deeply researched and cleverly constructed that they could almost be submitted as academic theses, but with loads of cocks drawn on. Whilst this might not have helped him on Celebrity Mastermind (specialist subject Rasputin), it does mean that he can impress with knowledge as well as wit. 

Following the success of Oh Fuck I’m 40!, Oh Frig I’m 50! chronicles the last ten years of Herring, including his marriage to comedian Catie Wilkins and subsequent production of two sexcrements (children). With three shows in the North East – on Saturday 19th at The Witham in Barnard Castle and two shows at Newcastle’s Stand on Sunday 20th May – these are gigs not to be missed, unless you hate cock jokes and the thought of fucking (verb) puppets.

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