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Image: RIP 1 by David Watson

Whether you’re an artist or art lover, the current global situation has left a cultural void. Attuned to the needs of both artists and gallery-goers, Teesside-based arts events organisation Dovetail Joints came up with an innovative solution. They created a completed interactive Virtual Gallery that visitors can explore at their leisure via its website, moving from the exterior into its various rooms to see a variety of exhibitions in a way that attempts to capture the exhibition experience.

The digital gallery’s latest exhibition features two of Teesside’s most beloved artists coming together as part of Dovetail Joints’ Conversations series. For Our Place In The North, Bobby Benjamin and David Watson reflect on life in a post-industrial town in their own individual styles through a series of new and unseen works. A former dock worker, Watson’s acclaimed paintings represent the changing nature of working class life in Teesside, while Benjamin’s multi-disciplinary craft using paint and found objects examines social inequalities and the role of the underclass in society.

As well as the exhibition, there’s also a chance to hear Benjamin speaking with Dovetail Joints’ director Connor Clements and curator Mark Parham about the themes behind the works and looking back at the history of the arts organisation. It’s set to be a truly unique exhibition that forms a shared, inter-generational narrative of a changing culture and society.

Our Place In The North is available to view at Dovetail Joints Virtual Gallery now

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