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In the age of email, text messages and WhatsApp, sending letters has become something of a novelty. When was the last time you sent a letter to someone you know? That’s not a problem for writer and performer Will Jackson in his latest show; in Yours Sincerely, which comes to Gala Theatre in Durham on Friday 8th April, he has a specific reason for wishing to send more than a few hand-written correspondences. He’s managed to accidentally steal 300 second class stamps from the post office.

How does that happen? Well, finding that out is just one reason why you’ll want to catch Quick Duck Theatre’s hit show. Beyond the mix up is a funny and heart-wrenching queer coming of age tale based on real-life correspondence, combining comedy, storytelling and lip sync cabaret into a singular package about the pitfalls of modern communication. As Jackson starts using his unusual haul to reconnect with old friends and ex-boyfriends (as well as get into a tussle with the marketing department at John Lewis), he also puts the spotlight on a lost art. Emerging from a time when social distancing and isolation has strained our social lives, Yours Sincerely shines a light on the importance of human connection.

Yours Sincerely is at Gala Durham on Friday 8th April.

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