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On paper, does forty minutes of whingeing and mocking people who went to a marginally more prestigious private school than the act sound like fun? No? Well, that’s probably because it’s on paper and not being delivered by stand-up Josh Berry. A Radio 4 regular and an Edinburgh Fringe sensation, Berry is best known for his online impressions and parodies of the upper classes, which have gained hundreds of millions of views.

In his latest show, which comes to The Witham in Barnard Castle on Friday 24th and Newcastle’s Live Theatre on Saturday 25th June, he might do one or two of those impressions alongside his sharp stand-up, even though he likes to think he’s past that now.

Joining him on the night is Rafe Hubris, who you’ve probably never heard of, but is really a rather important person. That’s because Hubris is a graduate in PPE from Oxford University (he might remind you of that quite a bit) and is also (by his own admission) “the most promising” special advisor to the Conservative party. He’ll be sharing anecdotes about his role during the pandemic and will also answer some submitted questions from the audience. He might also look a bit familiar too? Can’t quite put a finger on it…

Performances by Josh Berry and Rafe Hubris take place at The Witham, Barnard Castle on Friday 24th and Live Theatre, Newcastle on Saturday 25th June.

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