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I’m sure we’ve all told a few porkie pies when on the spot, trying to think of a decent comeback to a question we just don’t know the answers to. Sometimes you’ve just got to take what people say with a pinch of salt. At least, that’s what Mitch Benn does. The man himself says “I’m a sceptic. But don’t take my word for it. Or indeed anybody’s. For anything…”

In his latest show Don’t Believe a Word, the radio comedian and personality – best known for his work on Anatomy of a Guitar, Mitch Benn Is The 37th Beatle and Spank the Plank – Benn wants to expose general nonsense and grapple with the core nature of knowledge itself. Aiming low, then. The show will extol the virtues of living an evidence-based life with some seriously funny consequences (because really, can anyone truly run their life by the rules of a courtroom?)

And remember, this is a Mitch Benn show. There’s likely to be more than a few songs along the way too.

Mitch Benn comes to Stockton’s ARC on Friday 1st May.

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