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Image: Boats, Church and Lighthouse, linocut, 40 x 50cm by Melvyn Evans 

Bespoke framers and art gallery Gallagher & Turner are pleased to be able to rehang exhibitions which were planned for the spring, as they tentatively re-emerge after lockdown. They kick July off with an exhibition from Melvyn Evans: choosing to work between print, painting and drawing, the artist endeavours to capture the human relationship with the landscapes of the British Isles, including locations around North Yorkshire and Lancashire. For this particular exhibition, entitled The Power of Place, he’s focused on the prehistoric site of Doggerland. Now lost to the sea over thousands of years, it connected East Britain to Europe but is fascinatingly still visible in the right conditions: his creation of Lost Land captures this.

Melvyn’s signature style is bold and striking. He takes a graphic approach to painting and linocut printmaking, which harks to British Modernism work of the 1950s, and also uses a 160-year-old British-made printing press adding to the historical significance of his work. Recalling the likes of Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore and Keith Vaughan, he still manages to present contemporary imagery.

Melvyn Evans’ The Power of Place is at Gallagher & Turner, Newcastle from Thursday 2nd July-Saturday 15th August

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