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On a daily basis we are bombarded with a series of images, whether it’s from using social media, watching TV, or seeing advertising in the street. How well this imagery represents and articulates reality is a different matter. That’s where Joshua Raz steps in. The artist, a Newcastle graduate who was also the 2016 winner of the prestigious HIX Award, is trying to question the artificiality of images and bring to light that all might not be what it seems on the surface.

In his new exhibition Hubris and a Whimper at Abject Gallery (Friday 13th April until Saturday 19th May), Raz asks the viewer to look at both the denoted and connoted details of his works. Palm trees are set to be a major feature, with their very nature suggesting a tropical, escapist paradise. Scratch the surface though and the plants that were once the reserve of sunnier, idyllic climes have become more domesticated and lost their implied meaning; they’ve become a symbol for those blurred lines between what’s real and fake. Each of Raz’s works alone tell this story, but taken as a whole they’re set to create a deeper investigation into the fluid nature of the meanings behind the image. Be sure to train your scrutinising eyes.



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