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Fresh from blisteringly honest – and surprisingly emotional – appearances on Under The Skin with Russell Brand and The Joe Rogan Experience, this brand new show sees critically-acclaimed writer, journalist and documentary filmmaker Jon Ronson recount his adventures in curiosity in the porn world, based on hit podcasts The Butterfly Effect and The Last Days of August at Tyne Theatre & Opera House on Tuesday 21st May.

It begins with German teenager Fabian Thylmann’s idea; make porn free and easy to stream online. Taking this as the starting point for his journey, the crumpled gonzo journo followed the consequences of that simple notion as far as possible, encompassing the seismic impact of internet pornography and the incredible real people involved as he uncovered startling tales of mystery, delight and sadness along the way.

Taken aback by the sheer breadth of the butterfly effect, Ronson discovered his next subject in August Ames, a porn actor and model who committed suicide. With cyber bullying implicated in the death, the show exploded again into unexpected areas, blossoming into a gripping listen with Ronson confronting his own unexpected ethical dilemmas as he and producer Lina Misitzis became part of the story themselves.

Perplexing, witty and always kind, the live show features new stories, never-before-heard audio, some very strange (and very PG-rated) bespoke porn and maybe even some special guests, as we’re invited once more to join Jon in the electrifying wonder of remaining curious.


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