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James Anthony Patrick Carr, 42, will be presenting his comedy show for your enjoyment at Middlesbrough Town Hall this coming August. Yes, the heady days of August may seem like a distant, gilded, slo-mo dream sequence but you’d best be pulling some clean pants on and getting out of your hibernation pit if you want tickets because they’ve already had to add another date due to HUGE PUBLIC DEMAND.


Jimmy has described ‘Boro as being his favourite place to perform which, let’s face it, is a bit of a grovel but you can probably overlook that if you want to take your mate-date/date-date/ball-and-chain for a reasonably cheap night out to see the man off the telly in real life. Tickets are going at £25 per head, not bad for a quality evening’s entertainment these days, and included in the contract between performer and audience there are rude and offensive jokes and no doubt the usual pished heckler. If that person is you on the night just bear in mind that Jim will have a one liner in the chamber that will disembowel you and leave you for dead in front of thousands of people before the words “tax avoider” have hardly fluttered away from your lips.

Jimmy Carr comes to Middlesbrough Town Hall on Saturday 28th March.


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