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Remember the scene in American Psycho, where Christian Bale and his fellow stockbrokers compare their nigh on identical business cards, a Top Trumps of which font has the daftest name and the glossiest finish? This, according to James Leonard Hewitson, is the perfect analogy for British society today. The constant competition, race for achievement – the “flying, buying and perspiring” as he puts it – was the driving force behind his latest EP, Commercial.

Pissed off by capitalism, materialism and, of course, the limitations and devastation imposed by a worldwide pandemic, the EP was born following the success of his 2020 album Only The Noise Will Save Me. The whole thing came together in Liverpool’s DIY Quarry Studios, whose industrial setting served as an inspiring backdrop for the tracks; a stark contrast to the commercial world he was railing against.

The result? A synthy, meta-pop nod to Talking Heads, peppered with witty, insightful observations; everything we’ve come to expect from Leonard Hewitson. Single Temporary Values is a wry, poppy track that on the surface appears to be light-hearted, lamenting the price of fast food whilst examining the complexities of moral and economic values.

Commercial serves as a brilliant, lively time capsule for the last few months; after a second listen, you might almost be as angry as James himself.

James Leonard Hewitson releases Commercial EP on 29th July. He performs at South Durham Social Club (aka The Steelies), Hartlepool on Friday 30th July with support from Waves of Dread, Faithful Johannes and The Mighty Chihuahua


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