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Whether you’re an aspiring Ken Loach or Christopher Nolan, film-making nuts are being afforded the rare opportunity to gain a real-world insight into the nitty gritty of the business, thanks to a free one-day master class held by Generator at Dance City on Saturday 6th December.

Six applicants will be chosen to receive hands on training in regards to funding their film, developing their career and (all importantly) creating a sustainable business. Places aren’t necessarily selected according to progress; pre-start projects will be considered as well. The only condition, and it’s a biggie, is that you’re from the North East and have a genuine passion about pursuing a career in film-making.

Participants will be given a helping hand through the tricky stuff, namely developing their project and the ‘black arts’ of finding film funding, courtesy of one-to-one mentoring from an industry specialist. Once all that’s in the can, next up is how to deal with investors and secure a dedicated and talented cast. Every person who takes part will receive post-workshop advocacy, not to mention all-important introductions to key, appropriate figures in the industry. A must for anybody wanting to get into film; instructions on how to create Michael Bay-esque explosions not included.

Generator’s How to Get Ahead in Film Masterclass takes place at Dance City on Saturday 6th December.

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