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Mein favorit comedeinstatenschüssentafentisch from all of Germany, the wünderbar Henning Wehn is coming to Whitley Bay and I couldn’t be glücklicher. If you haven’t heard him on BBC Radio 4 then you wouldn’t know about his completely logical way at looking at things, pretending not to understand but in fact being incredibly funny and incredibly clever. Never afraid to mention ‘ze war’, flying in the face of Basil Fawlty, his uniquely Germanic perspectives on British life are both cutting and wholly accurate. After invading London in 2002 to work for Wycombe Wanderers FC he found that comedy was in fact, his natural calling. You could say ‘Jesus invented Henning Wehn’ (Jesus invented…being his catchphrase). Don’t worry about whether you will understand the jokes though, as the Fatherland’s comedy ambassador will explain every nook and cranny of each wise crack, with a detailed deconstruction of why it should be funny and instructions of how to efficiently put it back together. Yes, every German stereotype will be covered, but just in case, I’ll add: sausages, lederhosen, BMW, beer and Black Forest Gateaux. Das wird eine lustige Show. Gesundheit.

Henning Wehn is at Playhouse Whitley Bay on Thursday 8th October.

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